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Page history last edited by Formode 14 years, 8 months ago

sssssss... work in congress


A good example of what he may look like. :Q

I wanna tell you about Johny the mule,

Forever and ever ago there was this awesome mule,


Your head exploded just from looking at that bitch,

Oh god he was so balling,

Upside down, right side up, even fucking horizontal.


Christ almighty that ass could run.

A young boy approached that ass intent on friendship,

Naw that mule don't need no effin' friends


So he kicked that little cunt right in the head!

Everybody in Soddam was like "omfg!,

Eviserate that ass!"


That poor ass didn't stand a chance,

His ass was pounded and pounded.

It was like he was the town's new two dollar whore.

Some time later they stoped and let him lick his wounds.


Damn that mule licked his ass so much that day.

Only then did the mule realize his poop tasted like chocolate.

No seriously it did.

'YEEEE HA' He said

Then that mule he tried to tell the village that he had chocolate poop,


Too bad the village didn't speak ass.

Even if they did the village probably wouldn't have beleived him,

Like fuck man chocolate poop?

Low and behold as much as he YEEHA'd they didn't listen.


Poor fucker would try to show them by eating his own shit and liking it,

Poor ass didn't seem to realize that,

Like any animal, after he got knocked silly, he was crazy.

! Original Idea by your mom

! Made entirely by Marlo

! Made awesome-er by Formode.

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Szteto said

at 10:11 pm on Feb 10, 2009

wait, wut?

Bob Dole said

at 11:21 pm on Feb 10, 2009

lol wut?

(account deleted) said

at 2:35 pm on Jul 11, 2009


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