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SVN Links

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Direct HTTP Download

(as requested repeatedly)

As the model portions do not update frequently at all, and those are all clients really need to play multiplayer, heres some zips.

http://nebtown.info/fastdl/addons/SBMP.7z (Feb 8th 2010 - v455 of SBEP_Entities, Fortifications, and Models)

http://nebtown.info/fastdl/addons/wiremodels.7z (Feb 8th 2010 - v2375 of wire model pack 1, also the nonlua from "wire")


These two are more optional, but will ensure theres no obscure error models.

http://nebtown.info/fastdl/addons/Nebcorp_Maps.7z (Every map on Nebtown's "extra files" like skyboxes and custom textures. Everything shipped with a map besides the bsp)
(All other models/materials/sounds the server uses. Includes "mariohat", "shark", and every CSS/EP2 tree >~:O)
These 4 addons emcompass all custom clientside content Nebtown uses. Map bsps will autodownload as required.



The Tidy Zip:



Contains all the SVNs (Wire, Nebcorp, PHX3, SBMP) presetup for you. Now contains Spacebuild 3!

  1. Install an SVN client, like TortoiseSVN.
  2. Copy contents of zip to /addons
  3. Select all these folders, right click, and choose SVN Update. 


Q: Doesn't putting SVNs in a zip file defeat the purpose of having SVNs at all? 

A: No. Every day we hear of people who installed the addons wrong, simply because they don't know SVN. This is basically empty folders with the SVN data preset, all the end user must do is drag them to /addons and hit SVN Update. Which seems a whole lot easier, IMHO.  


Also, as requested, some spawnicons for fresh installs.



Normal SVN links:


If for some unholy reason you don't want to use our tidy zip, here are your direct URLs for SVN Checkouting:


PHX3: - Essential building blocks


Nebcorp Addon:

http://nebtown.pbworks.com/NebCorp-Addons (Details)

http://nebcorp.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ (SVN, no username/pass)

Wiremod: - Complex projects

https://wiremod.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wiremod/trunk/wire/ (anonsvn/anonsvn)

https://wiremod.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wiremod/trunk/Adv%20Duplicator/ (anonsvn/anonsvn)

https://wiremod.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wiremod/trunk/wire%20model%20pack%201/ (anonsvn/anonsvn)


SBMP: - Ship parts (We use these a lot in Sandbox too)

http://sbep.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ (no username/pass) 

SB3: - (For models) I swear this link changes every day



Shark Pack


Comments (23)

Frogmjf said

at 4:13 pm on Jun 28, 2009

I am finall back... Updating all of my stuff but there seems to be a problem with the SVN links... update plz k thx haha

Katlatze said

at 7:28 pm on Jun 28, 2009

A problem?? How so?

Shadoh said

at 11:39 pm on Jun 28, 2009

i didnt have any problem and i svned all my stuff from here, your doing it wrong frog. -.-'

Shadoh said

at 8:17 pm on Aug 7, 2009


Katlatze said

at 8:44 pm on Aug 7, 2009

Because they're in the Nebtown SVN :D

Formode said

at 7:49 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Okay so I did "cd C:/Program\ Files/Steam/steamapps/formoden/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons" and "svn -co http://nebcorp.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/Main/" but is no working, something about Windows sucking on major cock.

Katlatze said

at 7:51 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Typical windows amirite? Use tortoise for major winz.

Formode said

at 8:06 pm on Aug 11, 2009

I think it's because I was using linux commands.

Katlatze said

at 8:10 pm on Aug 11, 2009


Formode said

at 8:15 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Now it's not connecting D:

Katlatze said

at 8:17 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Doin it rong.

Formode said

at 8:18 pm on Aug 11, 2009

] connect
Connecting to
Connection failed after 4 retries.

Katlatze said

at 8:20 pm on Aug 11, 2009

The servrar isn't up.

Formode said

at 8:21 pm on Aug 11, 2009


Katlatze said

at 8:23 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Mine too :(

Katlatze said

at 8:24 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Nebby is like.. updating Windows O_O

Formode said

at 8:51 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Ew windows sucks.

Shadoh said

at 8:57 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Dood kat you should totally join the group chat.

Formode said

at 8:58 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Invite meee D:

Katlatze said

at 9:14 pm on Aug 11, 2009

I'm playing TF2 but I will soon :D

Formode said

at 9:39 pm on Aug 11, 2009

OMG. You play TF2? What server? I'll join ya.

Katlatze said

at 9:43 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Dodgeblob on, I'm done for now though but maybe tomorrow :D

Brian said

at 5:00 pm on Dec 29, 2011


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