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Shadow's GFX Gallery

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KysolPsd.png picture by Zyxiel
Frankenstein1-1.png picture by Zyxiel
ShadowSpray11.png picture by Zyxiel
ShadowRD.png picture by Zyxiel
BioshockSig1.png picture by Zyxiel
Spartan1Sgi.png picture by Zyxiel
Cabal1.png picture by Zyxiel
ZyxielSig1copy.jpg picture by Zyxiel
DeadSpaceShad1copy.png picture by Zyxiel
ShadowSpray1.png picture by Zyxiel

(Zyxiel is my name on a GFX website)



Feel free to ask for me to make you one :P



Comments (3)

Kristler said

at 12:58 am on Dec 29, 2008

Woah. Impressive.

Katlatze said

at 9:12 pm on Aug 8, 2009

Hodamn Shads, those are beautiful O.O

Shadoh said

at 10:07 pm on Aug 8, 2009

thnx you 2 :P LOL.

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