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Nebtown Storybook

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Nebtown Storybook is the roleplay component of the Nebtown family of servers. It is a serious HL2 roleplay using a modifed version of Cakescript G2.


The server is run, maintained, and administrated by Atomisk. It runs on Nebual's hardware.


The Story so Far

The roleplay takes place two years after the Combine take control of the planet, and is set in and around the fictional City 18, which exists in the Half-Life universe, presumably within relatively close proximity to City 17. The CCA control the city and act as its police, imposing strict laws which restrict the rights and freedoms of the citizens who struggle to survive in its urban environment. The rebellion is a growing force of people who have decided to take a stand against the oppressive CCA and operate in the shadows, emerging to wreak havoc and engage in armed guerilla warfare with the CCA. Caught in the middle are the people who are just trying to make a living in a city ruled by an alien authority, in more than one sense of the word.


Members - Those who fequent the roleplay server.

  • Atomisk - Roleplays the resistance leader Narkon Goody, the entire CCA, as well as other characters.
  • Fractal - Roleplays the leader of Artemis Station, David Fylles, as well as other characters.
  • Echo - ???
  • Jake - No one knows what the hell Jake does.


Current Events - CCA Communications Log (Not for public viewing)

3.24.2012 - It has been three days since the incident with GRAND. I was promoted yesturday and so was 922. But after the ceremony he just dissapeared, forceing the squad LUCIFER to not take up a new name but instead, be entirely transfered to SWORD. We are still unaware as to his whereabouts. Though CO.SWORD had something to say, that he had seen a Man that was unidentified and that this man had givin another man a weapon that was so powerful it, well gave him the ability to take out an entire SWORD cleanup team. We are not sure how this happened. The blockaid out in the coast has been erected and no more rebels should be able to pass it though, we are unaware if this shall work. We think this unidentified man is a part of those rebel forces, due to the fact they carry the same powerful weaponry. We are sending a COTA team there now. We shall see the outcome.          ~~Reported by CCA.HC.PRINCESS.67055


3.21.2012 - Well, the antlion incident may finally be under control. As some rumours thought, GRAND had come in possession of several 'pheropods' harvested from the larger antlion guards. He used these to control nearby antlions, using them to attack the returning patrols as a means of 'entertainment'. When confronted about this, he fled the Nexus. With the city on full alert, JOKER and myself pursued the renegade officer to the canals, where we encountered masses of antlions. After defeating the first wave, GRAND ambushed JOKER and myself, leaving JOKER incapacitated and me on the run. I battled through swarms of antlions commanded by GRAND before finally confronting him in the underground drainage tunnels, where I... killed him. Shortly after GRAND's pheropods were destroyed, reports of ambushes on the outer city patrols has nearly ceased.          ~~ Reported by CCA.CP.NA.92250


3.20.2012 - It has come to our attention while dissecting the large antlions, occasionally referred to as Myrmidons or 'Antlion Guards' are missing what we call pheropods. These pheropods hold a scent and liquid that attracts antlions, and other Myrmidons. There have been three Myrmidon attacks reported thus far in this region and all three have been terminated by CCA officers. Our outer city patrols yield no antlion prescence, which should mean that the antlions would stop attacking; yet daily as our patrols return home they are attacked relentlessly by antlions. On a more alarming note, we see more antlion workers, which are antlions but with white shelled skin, and acidic spit. These workers typically reside in and in very close proximity to antlion nests where they tend to the young. These workers confirm our fears... It appears that antlions have managed to construct a considerably large nest underneath the city. All CCA officers are urged to be on alert at all times. Warning signs for emerging antlions are a scraping noise and holes underfoot.          ~~Reported by CCA.HC.PRINCESS.67055


3.18.2012 - An increase in the number of breaches of the CCA's Xen creature suppression grid by the species known as 'antlions' has led to increased CCA patrols and defensive actions. Citizens have been urged to co-operate with CCA officers and to remain indoors in the event of a breach. The cause of the grid failures is currently under investigation.          ~~Reported by CCA.CP.NA.92250


Quotes and Stories - Happenings on the roleplay server.

Michael Malkovich: I am a recruit, sir.

CCA.CO.LUCIFER.67055<:: Explain why you ran from me to the point i had to shoot your legs out to stop you.

Michael Malkovich: I had to pee.

Michael Malkovich: Really really badly.

CCA.CO.LUCIFER.67055<:: Outside of the nexus.

Michael Malkovich: Yes.

Michael Malkovich: There are no bathrooms here, I've noticed.

[RADIO] CCA.CO.LUCIFER.67055<:: Copy.

Michael Malkovich: Needless to say, I no longer need to pee.

Michael Malkovich: And I need to borrow a quarter for laundry.

CCA.CO.LUCIFER.67055<:: Disgusting.


CCA.CO.SWORD.66504<:: Hey, hey Joker.

CCA.CO.JOKER.54306<:: What do you want, Sword... I'm busy makeing a laughing gas bomb.

CCA.CO.SWORD.66504<:: There was this one time, at boot camp. Wh-

CCA.CO.JOKER.54306<:: You watched that movie again diden't you? The old one we found in the dumpster last week on a patroll.

CCA.CO.SWORD.66504<:: No!...

CCA.CO.JOKER.54306<:: Because if you make another boot camp joke, you know what I have to do to you.

CCA.CO.SWORD.66504<:: ...Test the bomb on me?

CCA.CO.JOKER.54306<:: And stab you while it happens.

CCA.CO.SWORD.66504<:: Right... I wonder if Lucifer has a nice ass.

*** CCA.CO.LUCIFER.67055 turns around from her desk directly infront of JOKER.

CCA.CO.SWORD.66504<:: Oh Hi Lucifer!

*** CCA.CO.LUCIFER.67055 punches SWORD in the gut and turns around to her desk to finish her paperwork. 

*** CCA.CO.JOKER.54306 laughs madly.

*** CCA.CO.SWORD.66504 falls to the floor in pain.

*** CCA.CO.HEART.70543 walks into the room curiously.

CCA.CO.HEART.70543<:: What's going on?

CCA.CO.JOKER.54306<:: After some Sexual harrasment, Sword got the equivilant to a kick in the balls. If we still had them.

*** CCA.CO.HEART.70543 nods looking down at SWORD. 'I'm glad I don't have a sexual drive anymore.' he says.

CCA.CO.JOKER.54306<:: Most likely, neither does he after that.

CCA.CO.HEART.70543<:: I miss back when we were in a squad together before Joker got promoted, then reccomended Lucy and Me...

CCA.CO.SWORD.66504<:: Wait I forget how the fuck did I get promoted?

CCA.CO.LUCIFER.67055<:: Sadly I recomended you too but they had to THINK about promoteing your sorry ass.

CCA.CO.JOKER.54306<:: Weren't you crying on the floor a minute ago?

CCA.CO.SWORD.66504<:: If medkits were female creatures, I would fuck them in thanks.

*** CCA.CO.LUCIFER.67055 sighs, stands, and walks out of the room with the paperwork she just finished.


<<insert quote/story here>>


Screenshots - Virtual photos of a virtual world.

<< screenshots coming soon>>

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