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He's silly.

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Katlatze said

at 10:12 pm on Dec 9, 2008

ILY alex. XD

Kristler said

at 9:42 am on Dec 10, 2008


I <3 it :D. its perfect now ^^.

Oh, and just so you know, I really DO have A.D.H.D., O.C.D, and Dyslexia at the same time. ^^;

Katlatze said

at 4:26 pm on Dec 10, 2008

Okay, I rofl'd.

Vallery said

at 4:33 pm on Dec 10, 2008

I take credit.

Vallery said

at 4:33 pm on Dec 10, 2008

Oh, and the original edits were done by Neb and I.

Kristler said

at 5:09 pm on Dec 10, 2008


Vallery said

at 6:09 pm on Dec 10, 2008

I'll try and javascript into a rollover, because it's obnoxiously large.

Jake said

at 4:58 pm on Dec 11, 2008

Rofl, get well soon.

Katlatze said

at 6:58 pm on Dec 11, 2008

xD lmao.

BoingBoing said

at 4:58 pm on Jan 3, 2009

Lol, sickle cell.

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