Katringa (aka. Kat, Katty, Katrings, KATTEH, Kay, Jat, Jatr, Mat, Katlatze) is a chairwoman of t3h board. To everyone's surprise, Kat is a better and more popular dancer as a zombie than she was as a human. (She was a backup dancer in Michael Jackson's Thriller, she was also his nose.)


She looks something like this:


She is illegally gay married to Neb and her theme song goes something like this.


how your soft, cakey texture warms my heart

your perfectly shaped icing brings a smile to my face

as I unleash my passionate hunger upon you and tear you to pieces

bleeding a rainbow of sprinkles onto my previously clean eating surface.


A family portrait (July, 1997)


Katringa's second cousin. For the most part, s/he has little to do with that side of the family.





Katringa and the Nebtowners - a guide trough the virtual jungle By Clarence

Clarence: Hi, my names is Mr. Clarence

Clarence: i will be your guide to this amazing tour around the mind of Katringa

Clarence: Katringa may also be known as "Kat" or "KatLatte"

Clarence: but most peaple refers to her as: "That girl knows more E2 thant me - *Mingebag discconected form the game (Fcuk gmod, i suck)"

Clarence: The Katringa belongs to the "Nebtowners" species, or to the "Nebbies", as a cute name.

Clarence: This strange species can be found on "Yogurtastic Nebtown Parck"

Clarence: In this trip trough Nebtown facility we will focus on this uniqe race, called "Kattis Buildus"

Clarence: The Katringa spends most of his real-life time in 3 places, they are:

Clarence: 1- Under her bed, looking for food for his AntLions

Clarence: 2- Sitting in a chair, infront of a computer

Clarence: and finnally, but not less important, 3- Inside Nebual´s bed of "DOOM"

Clarence: Notice that the "DOOM" word is an ALIAS for the world love

Clarence: This word is forbidden at Nebtowns Enrichment and Soup Center becouse of it plans of world domination

Clarence: I am sorry, but i´m not supossed to tell the exact plans of this marvellous company

Clarence: Anyways, lets continue trough this hall please, no photos at this point

Clarence: This place is meant to be seen as the exact reproduction of the virtual-life of Katringas

Clarence: Here you can see what she does, who she speacks to, and lots of other amazing stuff

Clarence: Most of the time she is Nocliping in the air, without moving, with a big E2 advice at her head

Clarence: or just creating something complicated to make a watermelon go SPLAT

Clarence: knowing that a crowbar will work exactly the same

Clarence: At this Life-size representation, we can see Kat talking to an usual Nebtowner

Clarence: this Nebtowner is, nothing else than Fractal

Clarence: they usually discuss Neabuals creations, or Political issues

Clarence: but in this case, we have a unusual talk record, listen carefully please

Clarence: Kat: Look at this! Furries!!!!1!

Clarence: Fractal: Fuck! Wheres my *binded to kill button"?

Clarence: Fractal is dead

Clarence: It was a pretty simple talk

Clarence: but it left us speechless didnt it

Clarence: Lets continue please

Clarence: Sir you cant put that inside the Statues mouth

Clarence: now

Clarence: we are aproaching to the wild area of the Nebtown Facillity

Clarence: you shouldnt worry about the animals

Clarence: they are inside this huge cage just like us

Clarence: and if someone need help just call my assistan, Hugo, he is the one with the shotgun

Clarence: Oh look! a Shark Ragdoll!

Clarence: ok i will continue

Clarence: those ragdolls are left-overs of a now exilied nebtowner called "NatronBlood"

Clarence: he spent his entire life programming an E2 that gave life to the sharks

Clarence: and when he got succsesful, he disapierd

Clarence: i was present that day

Clarence: at first i tought it was a complot of the Nebcorp to steal that amazing chip

Clarence: but then the Nebcorp made a visit to my home and explained what happened

Clarence: I dont want to talk about what happened to Natron or how they made me understand

Clarence: lets contienue again please

Clarence: this is the entrance of the Old sector of the facillity

Clarence: at the dore we can see a huge statue of Nebual, holding an amazing toolgun on his hand, representing the battle of the Particles and how did Nebual created an E2 eraser to finish them off

Clarence: Sir i already told you to not put that inside statues mouths

Clarence: a few months ago, we could go inside this sector of the facility

Clarence: but some incidents with fungus containing made it imposible to survive there, as GlaDOS filled it with a funny smelling gas

Clarence: yes she did

Clarence: and fungus are uncontainable

Clarence: we are aproaching to the finish of this guide trhough this amazing mind

Clarence: filled of secrets, and labrinths, and jelly


Clarence: SHUT UP


Clarence: erase the mind of katringa and put the Facillity of Nebtown

Clarence: and change the last mind for establishment

Clarence: i will contienue a lil bit more

Clarence: This is the souvenier shop, you can grab anything you want, only if you pay it, of course

Clarence: here you have small statues, Sir you should stop that again

Clarence: puff gravity guns

Clarence: the todays top product is "Eau deu GlaDOS"

Clarence: a french perfume filled with lethal gas

Clarence: i hope everyone enjoyed todays visit

Clarence: i wish i could stay more with you, you were an amazing group to guide, exept of the statue obsessed guy

Clarence: you should get yourselfe analized

Clarence: bye everyone

Clarence: have a nice flight

Clarence: THE END