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Saved by Shadow
on December 30, 2010 at 12:47:01 am


-Shadow here, wanted you guys to know I love you :D. And no i wont have gmod like ever again I know its gay but yea thats how the world shits on itself sometimes, dunno WTF has happened since i left but uhh shit


  • Kat- you never got to taste my gravy\cookies and im still living in your attic btw
  • Neb- <3
  • Fract- still hate you, lmfao na jk bro i was just jealous of you :P
  • Jake you faggot if you ever get on here again you need to fucking talk to me on Xbox Mr. Lolpants.


I might check in every once and awhile since idk why but you guys have made like an impact on me and i don't think i can ever forget our days together.


<< GMOD RAVIOLI - It's what's for dinner. Also serving revolutions and revelations 1/2 price. >>


And now, Kat would like to relay a message from Neb: "EVERYTHING IS FINE". Thank you for that eye-opening statement Neb, more on this tonight at 11.


Sandbox IP: gmod.nebtown.info:27000 

Minecraft Dedicated: ham.nebtown.info (needs Hamachi Nebtown2 or 3 or 4)


Or join us on IRC: irc://gmod.nebtown.info:27033/#Nebtown

  • Dec 6th 2010: Neb remembered NS3 exists, so new design ideas welcome. Also I invented alternative energy.
  • Dec 7th 2010: Neb fixed "OMG EVERYTHING IS BROKEN", which apparently had some cracks.
  • Dec 8th: NS3 ents now dupe, including links.
  • Dec 20th: FREAKING PUMPS!! Yep thats right, they're done and worked in careful laboratory conditions! 
  • Dec 24th: NEBMAS TREE!
  • YouTube plugin error  





For those unaware, Avon coded stargate, and its horrible. Just horrible.


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hits omg!

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