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<< Nebtown. It's what's for dinner. >>



Server IP:

Server IP2: (ADD BOTH)


Breaking News


Also, reverting edits ftw.


10:01 PM - Nebual (:D): I BOUGHT A FLARE GUN

10:01 PM - Nebual (:D): WHY

 10:01 PM - BijÄ«-san: Oh lawd

10:01 PM - Nebual (:D): CAUSE IT WAS CHEAP

10:01 PM - Nebual (:D): 4$

10:02 PM - Nebual (:D): AND IT STARTS FIRES

10:02 PM - Nebual (:D): OMG HLP I'M ON FIRE


Useful Links


SVN Links (To fix any errors you may see on the server)

Expressions Avaliable for Download (Like Nolphins!)

SpaceBuild 3


Nebcorp Steam skin





Pages that need creation

Screenshot Galleries


Other Things

Nebtown Map

Nebtown Storybook (Roleplay Server)


Story Page

The Page

Gm_excess_construct map

Our (WIP) forums for our (WIP) RP server


Picture of the Now



This is how we settle things.



Calendar / Upcoming Events

Click here to view your 30 Boxes calendar

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