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<< Nebtown. You realize that Penis is  a state of not moving, hence any percentage of Penis will still be not Penis, correct? >>



Server IP:


Server IP2:

(Just add both, gamemodes vary between the two)



Breaking News

The FrontPage is maintained by Nebual and Fractal. Please do not edit it without asking for permission first. THAT MEANS YOU ALEX



10:01 PM - Nebual (:D): I BOUGHT A FLARE GUN

10:01 PM - Nebual (:D): WHY

 10:01 PM - BijÄ«-san: Oh lawd

10:01 PM - Nebual (:D): CAUSE IT WAS CHEAP

10:01 PM - Nebual (:D): 4$

10:02 PM - Nebual (:D): AND IT STARTS FIRES

10:02 PM - Nebual (:D): OMG HLP I'M ON FIRE


This page has been raped  times.

Useful Links


SVN Links (To fix any errors you may see on the server)

Expressions Avaliable for Download (Like Nolphins!)

SpaceBuild 3


Nebcorp Steam skin





Pages that need creation

Screenshot Galleries


Other Things

Nebtown Map

Nebtown Storybook (Roleplay Server)


Story Page

The Page

Gm_excess_construct map

Our (WIP) forums for our (WIP) RP server


Picture of the Now


If you have a picture or screenshot you want featured in 'Picture of the Now', contact Nebual or Fractal via the Steam Community.


Calendar / Upcoming Events

Click here to view your 30 Boxes calendar


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