Drank is Nebtown's beverage of choice. It comes in semi- to extremely- alcoholic variations and a variety of healthy and semi-healthy flavours including blueberry, cherry, apple, seXXXy, Vodla and Poose. All drank is made from 100% local organic ingredients and made lovingly by hand.

Poose is delicious (with all-natural citrus flavour) but it is like 70% alcohol (Warning: Poose has not been tested for exact amount of alcohol DRINK AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION) so don't have too much. Poose's arch rival is Dankwalker which makes drank for older men who like to watch sports in bars and don't care about flavour at all WHERE IS THE LOVE HERE BAN DANKWALKER!!!! POOSE 4 LYFE!!!!




Watch out for your fellow Nebtowners if you see someone who needs a ride don't be afraid to pick them up and give them a safe ride home. Remember drank is not for everyone. BAN DANKWALKER




Wut Jones makes drank now? Hellllll nawwe.


Remember purple drank is not a kind of drank.