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Page history last edited by Fractal 11 years, 10 months ago



Type 1: LUA Overflow. <-- teh sux

Technical details: Spams a long (1000+) list of random lua functions, crashing a few seconds into the list. Must be "OK"'d to restart.

Percentage: About 25%, BUT RANDOM AND UNCALLED FOR D:

Cause: Randomly occurs when players join/rejoin. I'd estimate 1/20 joins is a crash.

News: http://bugs.garrysmod.com/view.php?id=1001 <-- If you couldn't tell, this means Garry knows and doesn't care. And no, its not too many luas.

What YOU can do to help: Avoid rejoining the server for any reason. If you have to go a minute, just stay online. And yes, this means quit with the OMG RAGE /exit.


Type 2: Kernal Panic.

Technical details: CPU maxes out, console window becomes unresponsive. Must be forcequitted to restart.

Percentage: About 20%.

Cause: Unknown. Probably an issue with individual gamemodes/addons like SB3. Usually the result of TOO MUCH stuff going on for her to handle.

Why its not my fault: Crashed on a barren 3.0ghz brand new 45nm processor on an optimized 500gb drive with more ram than XP allows and a graphics card larger than your mom. No, its not *Nebtown* that sucks because of crashes. Its an SRCDS/SB3/PHX/Wire/... problem


Type 3: *Wtf lol No Error*

Technical details: SRCDS.exe fully closes, and my autorestart batch actually fires, getting the server back up within 12 seconds :D.

Percentage: 20%.

Cause: Varies, usually someone doing something they know they probably shouldn't be doing, like welding something thats welded to something thats welded to the first thing... Ramming a huge object[That's what she said] full of constraints into the ground... smartwelding a humongous pile of things, badly... objects going REALLY fast hitting the map walls... doing very much outside the normal map bounds... etc.

What YOU can do to help: Not ^.


Type 4: Physics Phail.

Technical details: Usually complains about a bad collision between two entities, and names them off. Often PHX?

Percentage: 5%.

Cause: Obviously, a bad collision. The ones I've observed usually involve some physics blackhole being very evident and left unchecked.

What YOU can do to help: Avoid making large stupid physics blackholes lol. Remove/nocollide ANY bad collisions you see (also reduces lag, these blackholes are  2000+) WELDALLTHEICEBERGSONGOONIVERSETOGETHER -- THISHASTHEADDEDBONUSOFMAKINGJAKERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE


Type 5: "Error: No free edicts"

Cause: Too many scripted entities.

Percentage: Rare lol

What YOU can do to help: Uhh, don't have lots of SEnts? Look, we only get this crash when someone KNOWS FULL RIGHT that its going to happen. Things that have crashed the server before under this catagory: Bouncy Balls, Adv Fire, LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of SB2 ents, Fungus.



Comments (3)

NEON725 said

at 11:27 am on Jan 27, 2009

Hopefully in the future we can create a comprehensive guide on how to avoid all the above crashes. Until then we will be silently watching and recording from the shadows.

NEON725 said

at 11:40 am on Jan 27, 2009

Idea: To solve the LUA overflow error, find the portion of script where such allocation is present, and increase the size.

NEON725 said

at 11:37 am on Jan 28, 2009

Damn, this page was abused. Who is making all these malicious edits?

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