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Nebtown Tank Project

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The Nebtown Tank Project


A new project by the Nebtown Community, the tank is currently being constructed, as seen in the image above, the tank is currently being built piece by piece. Starting with 

  1. The Base, front sections of the Tread Covers and Body.
  2. Full body with turret cap, and fully complete tread covers
  3. The first window added
  4. The windows completed.
  5. The full tank with treads
  6. Window covers, a turret, and other various pieces. 
  7. The Interior of the tank including 3 chairs and advanced software systems


Design Team 

  • Kat, responsible for the gunners HUD(Heads Up Display) coded in E2 Derma. 
  • Nebual, responsible for the various systems controlling the tank including, the EGP Radar w/ speedometer, a functional shifting system, and more.
  • Ramiseis, responsible for the chassis, turret, and Treads of the tank, Ramseis has spent most of time building a super sleek tank design along with Treads that Simulate real tank movement.


These are the 3 main people responsible for making this project happen so far, along with other contributions from Nebtown.


More Screenshots

Here are some more screenshots of the Tank at its current stage.

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