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pictured here


I (Xenxe) have created a MEGAFURNACE. Capable of smelting multiple ore types 68.75% faster than a normal furnace with greater convenience as well.


The convenience is self explanatory as shown in this screenshot.




It's simple. You put what you want to smelt in the middle, fuel on the right, and then the machine processes it and spits it out on the left.


I tested it against a normal silly 8 cobblestone in a ring lame furnace and found that in a race to smelt a stack of iron ore. THE MEGAFURNACEperformed 68.75% faster than the lame cobble furnace.





THE MEGAFURNACErequires over 400 iron to make but its worth it because its huge awesome loud and complex. I left the back of THE MEGAFURNACE open so that you could see all of the wonderful things inside.


wonderful things


Let's take a closer look inside. The main furnace part consists of 8 furnaces some minecarts and a shitload of hoppers.


shitloads...of hoppers


The hoppers go round in a ring, distributing items around the ring so that the minecarts distribute the items into the furnace below somewhat evenly. Distributing items would be easier were it not for the bug that minecart hoppers cannot input directly into furnaces. or else this would require a lot less hoppers. but due to the fact that hoppers cant directly input into a furnace and must input into another container first thus throwing off the distribution because of multiple inventory slots. i have to take advantage of another glitch (maybe it isn't a glitch but whatever).


Hopper Carts pull from hoppers above them even if the hoppers above them are not pointing down.


They can pull from these for some reason.


This was originally a problem but eventually I turned it into a solution. Another problem that I had but was soon remedied by MOAR HOPPERS is that hopper carts have really odd detection for whats under them and whats isn't. Example:



Occasionally a hopper cart running on the top part of the track will transfer items to the bottom of the track causing massive cloggage.



So I got around that. and i know what you're thinking "But Xenxe, Why did you not just use chest carts?" Excellent point but you see chest carts do not have the same properties where they will pull items from a hopper that is not pointing to them thus making the distribution system useless. So since a hopper cart can't put items directly into a furnace and a chest cart can't do that either. I have to use the alternate distribution method that is big ass ring of hoppers. And only hopper carts can use that particular method. otherwise too many ores get put into only one single furnace thus defeating the point of using over 400 iron to automatically use the power of 8 furnaces at once.


There is two seperate minecart tracks. one for the smeltables and one for the fuel.


The inner track is for smeltables the outer is for fuels.


Now getting the finished products upwards. There are 3 different ways to make items travel upwards in minecraft at this very moment.


A Piston based item elevator that flings items upwards but has the problem of needing an item buffer to get started.


A minecart chest rolling uphill and dropping its payload into a hopper. This is a good method but takes up the most space.


And third. A deployer itemvator. This is the thing I am using.


Deployers ho!


Using vertical deployers that trigger themselves if they contain an item using redstone comparators you are able to transfer items upwards at a very fast rate. That eventually end up back inside the main room where the finished products can be eaten or turned into swords or both.


mmmmmm pork sword



So there you have it. THE MEGAFURNACEexplained in all its glory. 









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