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Flakenstine the Flakey of Nebtown :3

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Flakenstine: The Flakey of Nebtown


Flakenstine is one of the most friendly Nebtownie that you'll ever get to meet. :D He came about when he one day discovered nebtown. He thought that it was by far one of the best garrys mod servers that he had ever been on. It is proven that he is highly allergic to bullshit so please keep all bullshit away lol. The day that he had first met alot of the nebtownies. They really started to like him, He and the Owner Neb he gotten along well in the first day of being a nebtownie he went from Grey[1] to Pink[5](Probitionary Admin). He is 15 years old and he enjoys being on nebtown. He recently helped nebtown build there new game mode #CTI as linked here:http://nebtown.pbworks.com/w/page/59919463/(CTI)-Capture%20the%20Intel


Heres what we think he looks like:



Some known Facts about Flakenstine

  • He has no SWAG

  • He currently works at Nebcorp as an Admin[25]

  • He is not a b022

  • His level is 0+ nOOb

  • His give a [Censored] Level is 0%

  • He is 100% Nebtownie

  • He is allergic to Bullshit


  • He is a Possessed Narwhal and he wants to [Censored] Your Children

  • He likes to eat Nyan Kitties for Breakfast.

  • Nope.avi

Here is a typical day at work 





  That is all.














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