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Page history last edited by Nebual 8 years, 4 months ago

Because everything's better with a wiki page.


Calling all Nebtowners, we've been tossing ideas around for years about what makes a game great: why did they make ___ weapons so lame when they're fun, damn I wish this game was multiplayer, if only the multiplayer didn't need Hamachi, if only it was more than 2 player, if it was only open world instead of dungeon based, it'd be great if you could mix spells together, the controls are terrible and need to be customizable, etc etc.


Well I'm making a game. It's not text based, it's not written in php or python, it doesn't only support tiffs for graphics, and it doesn't only run if you have these 5 unrelated packages installed and the latest .net frameworks.

It's using Unity, a 3D cross platform game engine which is extremely powerful. Its editor is arranged similar to Hammer, except the editor itself can run the game and edit everything in realtime. (Yes, no more loading up Gmod for 10 minutes every time you make a tiny change and want to test it out - it's literally instant) Its approach to entities is very modular, allowing you to easily drop in prefab entities (like a player, including his camera and all scripts to control him and his abilities and stats) by just drag and drop. A lot of things are drag and drop actually, which is really nice.



The game I'm making is a top down-ish hack-and-slash-ish co-op procedurally generated modern-fantasy world, inspired by the old Diablos, D&D, Titan's Quest, and DayZ. I have a framework down for the code, but it needs 'filling out'. If you enjoy game design or any portion of it, please contact me and we can work together to make something awesome.

Here's a link to the latest alpha where you can try out the game RIGHT NOW, IN YOUR WEB BROWSER. Theres a ton of code done for background infrastructure (inventory management, stat synchronization, skill use, networking!!!!!, controls, etc) but we need more content!


Specific areas you could consider aiding in:

  • Music - Be it writing midi songs (contact Memnoc), designing an ingame media player, or just gathering background soundscapes, music would definitely give the game more depth.
  • Sounds - UI sound blips, footsteps, ability sounds, perhaps voiceovers like Xenxe's for TF2, sounds would make the game feel much more responsive.
  • 3d modeling/graphics - Even if its just matching up convincing looking transparent textures onto boxes
  • 2d graphics -  Designing UI elements (ability/item buttons?), drawn maps, textures, etc
  • Programming (and just discussing concepts for):
    • Equipment ("Battle axes should have a ridiculously long swing time, like 4 seconds, but should have a chance to just one shot anything")
    • Abilities ("Okay so when you mix a scroll of lightning with a skull it makes a new spell that lets you teleport targetted enemy")
    • Consumables ("Man a potion that makes you jump higher would be funny")
    • Monsters & AI
  • Mapping - While there are plans to procedurally generate terrain, there are plenty of areas that could be more statically designed, like towns, or prefab houses/rooms. Seriously, Unity has really powerful prefabs. You could save an entire mansion, complete with monster spawners, random loot, lighting, doors, traps, and a custom boss, all to one prefab file which could then be spawned easily by the worldmanager.
  • And much more if you order now! 


If you're worried about not knowing Unity or how to model for unity or how to read existing parts of the project, don't worry! Even Kat figured it out. I'd be happy to go on Mumble or something and walk you through it. Its fun teaching people and usually educational for both parties.


If you're worried about committing yourself, any little bit helps, I've structured the project to be EXTREME!ly modular so its easy to add or remove pieces. Plus you can always help by voicing suggestions.


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