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Page history last edited by Xenxe 8 years, 11 months ago


Neb Support 3 (now with pumps :D)

Supporting Nebs since 2010


Some Lanks:

Suggestions and Todo list:           http://openetherpad.org/Nebsupporter

Model/Sounds submission page:  NS3 Potential Props

Downloads: Lol there are none


How do space??

  1. Build a ship (VTOL, hovercraft, fixed wing jet, stacked cargo containers)
  2. Wire it up to fly (Nolphins, hoverballs, altitude compensating thrusters, a whole bunch of thrusters on one side so it blasts off like a NASA rocket)
  3. Place Oxygen Storage and Energy Storage vessels on your vessel using Left Click of Nebsupporter tool, preferably far from crew quarters.
  4. Place Heat Exchangers and Air Exchangers on your vessel Left Click of Nebsupporter tool, preferably nearby crew quarters. 
  5. Construct or rent (or steal) an Oxygen Generator and Energy Generator.
  6. Link together the generators to their respective storages, oxygen generator to energy storage to power it, and the two exchangers to both storages, by using Right Click of the Nebsupporter tool (LINK).
  7. Fill ship's storages on Spawn planet by turning the generators on (press E on them)
  8. Disconnect from the planet's generators, turn the Heat and Air Exchangers on, and head out into space you nub!Now even easier with pumps!


The Nebsupporter Tool:

Left click: Places the selected entity where you shoot, optionally welding.

Right click: Links together NS3 entities (and regular/wire thrusters)

Reload: Breaks all links on the shot entity.


Regarding suggestions:

I'm all ears for strange concepts from all manners of scifi books and movies, and am usually fairly good at translating ideas into gmod friendly applications.

Ie: "In this one game there was a super powerful weapon capable of sending giant shockwaves through space, but it needs shitloads of power and chargeup time."
          -> Visual postprocessing effect hurls through space making it look distorted, along its path findInSphere ents and SetVelocity them in pulses


Regarding bugs/exploits:

If a bug totally breaks all balance of resources or game mechanics, or just sucks, lemme know so I can patch it.

If an exploit lets you circumvent a minor limitation, such as convincing wind generators to produce 100% rather than constantly wavering, let me know so I know where you guys are at (and so I can congrats you), but if you don't tell any other players I won't patch it. Some people will know more than others, and those people will benefit. Just keep it a secret so others can have fun experimenting.


NS3 Changelog:

You can pretend every date also says "tons of bugs fixed" because there always are

Dec 16th 2010: Moved changelog here.

  • Fixed storage venting, now also vents when damaged (variably). Storage now outputs Max and Quality of resource.
  • gmod_tool_auto on NS3 ents now goes nebsupporter_tool, wire_adv, wire_debugger.
  • Gas compressors now produce significantly more (and better quality) product under highly saturated environments, little in sparce ones. Go to the nitrogen planet to harvest the stuff! (also they now actually take resources from their environment, whoops)
  • Started work on pumps, honest XD

Dec 18th 2010:

  • Added Water Condenser, VERY slowly generates water from hydrogen and oxygen particles in the air.
  • Planetary water now cannot be continuously extracted, time must be given for stocks to replenish.

Dec 20th 2010:

  • Have I said this in enough places tonight? Added zee pumps! They work! Resources have been pumped! Get pumps now! He added pumps. Did you get that? Pumps. He added them.
  • Improved space pain sounds (different, more of them, IMO more appropriate)
  • Storage now vents (and plays sounds)
  • Fixed a bug where many planets seemed to have zero resources (because they SAID they had none wtf map makers)
  • Gravityless grenades are now much more likely to actually cause antigravity effects, bees now sometimes target players besides owner.
  • NS3 tool now auto selects the first model when you select a type of ent.




[Large spaceship picture here]



[Some well constructed planetary base, complete with weapon looking thingies]


Eventual Goals of NS3:






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