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Page history last edited by Katlatze 10 years, 5 months ago



Confirmed Dead
Confirmed OK
  • Namage In more progress!
  • NIRC Rebuilt!
  • NALS (the seatbelt)
  • NAPS (anti stucker)
  • Gmanage, the admin mod Has become NadMod! (Which is much better)
  • Gman, the personality and sentient AI In progress!
  • My optimized ents like
    Hats, SBMP doors, explosives
  • ----------------------------------------------- 
  • The Server (cracked)
  • Custom E2 functions
  • E2 modifications
  • IRC
  • Bosnia West (Bnet)
  • Neb's E2 stockload
  • Linux scripts
  • PHX3/Wiremod/SBMP of course
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • .
  • We only have a really old
    Dupes backup (January 2009?)
  • Neb's ego
  • Wire modifications/optimizations

  • -----------------------------------------------
  • .


If you guys notice anything else, add it to the tables below that line



Health regain

Slowing down when you're low on HP <--- do we still want this? Its not hard but It feels kind of unnatural to walk so fast when I have 10 health now... but to be fair every time it happened I think I noclipped LOL

Water un-igniting things added

Greys using fungus

Parenting tool added

!tp while in a chair crashes server

<Respected can't gravgun world objects, ie. comp ob (permissions problem?)

^I can't as VIP either -Paindood That was one of my modifications, readded


Newly Restored:


Nadmod !help shows all commands avaliable

Comments (3)

Nebual said

at 9:24 pm on Jun 20, 2010

Also I lost virtually everything I've ever done with a computer in the last 4 years, so if anyone has any new games/music (instrumental or progressive I guess) to recommend, my drive feels kinda bare D:

NEON725 said

at 11:17 am on Jun 21, 2010

Ifyou find an old/broken copy of namage, dropbox it or email to NEON725@hotmail.com

I have some mods I'd like to make which are very extensive before putting it back in.

Nebual said

at 4:32 pm on Jun 21, 2010

By the looks of things there is NO namage code left (short of the clientside display), so I'm afraid it'll be quite some time before its back online. NIRC, an admin mod, and the NALS take priority over it too.

Namage will be a bit simpler I think this time around, and I'm thinking for the admin mod I'll be able to keep it really simple (just chat commands) if I don't have to go too much into things like permissions and 'who can use what weapons'. Perhaps I'll just make Greys unable to damage other players through Namage, and ensure that SPP's "do not damage other people's props" thing works.

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