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Dicktionary: NASA

Page history last edited by DucksofGrass 9 years, 3 months ago

The term 'NASA' is used as an insult to a specific persons or organization.


NASA is NebCorp's sole competitor in terms of technological advancement. It goes without saying that NebCorp is EONS more advanced (a good example of this would be the SG-A team vs. the Ancients) than any other technology developement firm on the planet. (Or so they are lead to believe by the puppet-master company DuckCo. I am C.E.O Ducko, and I approve of this message. In reality, NebCorp is a shadow of DuckCo's technology department, allowed to thrive and live believing it's a separate entity.)


NASA was founded during the Kennedy Office on January 1st, 1970 for astrological/extraterrestrial research. It has since gone in an increasingly downhill slope since the founding of NebCorp, so much so that the United States have ceased funding NASA altogether in NebCorp's favor.



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Comments (5)

Katlatze said

at 11:08 pm on Feb 2, 2010

Fractal was last seen being pulled away by sunglassed men in black suits who thought he "knew too much". He hasn't been heard from since.

Kristler said

at 12:40 am on Feb 3, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: They've imprisoned him within the NASA Cube in Cryo-Stasis. Whereabouts of forementioned cube have yet to be located.

Paindood said

at 4:05 am on Feb 3, 2010

So we still can't use find("NASA Cube") yet? I call HAAAX!

Kristler said

at 8:37 am on Feb 3, 2010

ERROR: Function does not exist Line 5 Char 1

Fractal said

at 9:02 am on Feb 3, 2010

No guise, I just went to bed early D:

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