I setup an IRC server at, and synced it with SRCDS, so you'll be able to chat with players in game through IRC! We average 10-25 people in IRC at any time, so feel free to join to ask tech questions or matchmake for games.


    In-Game Example:



  0.   *I'm too lazy to install anything!*: Click this button to open a webclient (its an in-browser java ajax thing)  

   1.   Get an IRC client. There are dozens, written in Python, for Gentoo Linux. Theres gonna be over a hundred for Windows.

          Neb uses Chatzilla, a Firefox addon. The only config you should need to care about is setting your nickname.

          Linux users: Chatzilla, XChat, or Weechat (for *coughFormode* purists).

  2.   For most clients and Chatzilla, use   /server   to connect.

  3.   Now you're on the 'server', but you're not actually in a channel yet. Use   /join #Nebtown   to get in the main one.

          Enter any other channel and it'll create it, so feel free to chill there with your estranged friends or something. 


Common Channels:

Why have specific channels? It reduces the noise level in #Nebtown, which helps keep the text flowing at a readable pace, and avoids annoying people disinterested in certain subjects. If you're on a laptop, you don't want to hear people demanding TF2 combatants. If you're at school, #Music isn't too helpful. But idling in them is easy, and without #Gaming being fairly full, people won't bother asking in it and will just use #Nebtown to ensure they get the most coverage. So just set them all to your startup connections.


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