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Page history last edited by Nebual 11 years, 8 months ago

I'll probably forget this exists by tomorrow, but in case I don't, heres a heavily incomplete log of non-trivial changes to the servrar.

^ Can we have trivial ones too

^ no Yes.

wat lol
2012 09 04:

- Created a new SENT, the Thrustner, which rather than applying linear force, attempts to accelerate a vehicle to a specific speed. Wire inputs {Speed, Accel, Prop:entity, NoFriction}

- Hacked RTCameras to always be able to see props, even outside your visleaf

- Enhanced nocollide tool to have multiple modes for rightclick, including not colliding with world

- Nocollide rightclick now dupes properly

- Nadmod'll remember your last visit time better

- Wire Constant Value tool now additionally shows up in Wire - Gates for convinence

2012 09 01:

- Yep, I forgot about the changelog!

- Added CAP (Stargate Advanced)

- Modified E2's constraints and propSpawn capabilities to encorporate two new settings:

setConstraintUndo(n) default on, enables undo entries for constraints made with E2

propSpawnPersist(n) default off, allows spawned ents to persist after the E2 is removed. When off, no undo messages are generated, to ease development.

2011 02 13:

- Added Python powered automated cache uploader - no more "datastream errors" after restarting :D!

- Added Force and Incendiary grenades, stared at the throwing function for 10 minutes and it looked fine

- GCraft - Probably squashed that last bug, shouldn't crash when players spawn blocks in themselves:D

2010 10 -
2011 01:

- Much work on NS3

- Server is now running on a dedicated windows box in a stability improvement attempt

- You can now whisper (short range talk) via !w or teamchat (defaults to 'u').

- Added hints on initial connection and !hint (they describe Namage, NS3, obscure commands)

- GCraft (Minecraft in Gmod) is nearly at alpha (just one last bug to squash). It does not use props, but instead uses gm_queryphys for collisions and optimized mesh.Begin drawing.

- Began work on Neapons, a customizable weapons system to compliment Namage.

2010 09 30:

- Grenade: Added Landmine, Waterbomb, and BONK types. Also added shot power adjuster.

- Improved Gman's vocabulary

- Theres a movie going on, yo?

2010 09 1-30:

- MYSTERY STUFF (I forgot to log :P)
- Added Nebcorp Grenades with a variety of types

- Taught Gman E2

- Fixed Luasool's multiline entry thing freaking out 50% of the time

- NPCs can now be named via npcs_name and npcs on server close are respawned when the map loads again. I'm aware this is silly but I made it for a friend's server XD

- Added Rope Detail tool, makes clientside only ropes (just visuals)

2010 08 31:

- Namage: Restored Nire, so fire/explosive damage will now cause props to catch on fire and spread fire to other nearby props. Reducing a prop's hp to less than 15% will now cause it to unfreeze itself.

- Added Automated Vehicle Exit Points, you will now appear outside vehicles exactly where you entered them (local to the vehicle), which should avoid most stuck moments. Will recieve more work shortly...

- E2: Added E:setEyePos(world vec) and E:setEye(normalized v or angle). Adding E2helper descriptions to custom functions.

2010 08 10: - NS3: Added Environmental Probe (Complete with wire outputs!) and Gravity Regulator.
2010 08 09:

- E2: Added E:namageType() and E:namage(string key), where namageType is the physobjtype of the Ent in question (just "metal" "wood" "glass" "flesh"), and E:namage("HP") "MaxHP" "Immune" "FireHP"

- Namage: Added 'Ghosting' immunity status, ideal for ships. When a prop is 'killed', it is not removed, but is SetNotSolided (no collisions or traces) and made red and transparent. Wrenching nearby the prop will revive it, meaning ships can be 'destroyed' without any lasting damage.

- Wrench: You can now change your Immunity status (Full Invulnerability, Immortality, or Ghosting) via R

2010 08 07:

- Every contraption ( #prop_physics >= 6 ) on the server is now autosaved every 2 minutes to the "AutoSaves" folder of the E2 Autosaver. These saves will likely only last 30 minutes each, so be sure to grab your saves at first opportunity. Obviously this could help mitigate crashes or namage deaths.

- NS3: Bugfixes; added Suit Rechargers.

- NADMOD: Reverted the !pm system back to a much simpler model. The Derma window was silly a really cool idea but proved to be more difficult than we expected...

2010 08 06:

- NALS: Improved nals_sticky's prediction when you start trying to walk around in laggy conditions.

- Material - Sorted stool: Added Tags system which integrates with search, you can now define tags to go on materials for easier searching (serverwide).

- NS3: Bugfixes; space and certain planets now have 'sound modifiers', IE all sounds in space echo.

2010 08 03:

- NALS: Reduced the 'jolt' experienced when entering/exiting NALS, added experimental concommand 'nals_sticky' which causes NALS to be disabled when you attempt to move and reenabled after.

- NS3 progress: Air/Heat exchangers online, more backend stuff. Direct linkiing generators now works.

- Weldgroups: Now works perfectly on dupes (which seems to be its only faily point)

- Material - Sorted stool: Now has a search feature, no duplicate entries, and right clicking a tile copies the modelpath to clipboard.

2010 07 30:

- NALS (Nebcorp Anti-Lag Seatbelt): Back online! Lock onto moving objects for a lagless journey (like welding yourself) by utilising the concommand "bind = nals"

- Namage: Reduced all player damage by 75%, because this isn't CSS, people can take ab ullet or two. If this stops certain things from making sense (ie explosive barrels?) I'll add exceptions.

- NebSupport3 Major progress: Most infrastructure (inter-ent communication AKA RD3) is all complete, most backend life support is all complete (planets/space hurt/nograv you, suits work, but theres no air/heat exchangers yet), storage ents are done, the spawning/link stool is done, a few generators work. Playing a SB_ map right now is like "oh dear space is dangerous, I hope we invent something that'll keep us safe soon".

- NIRC: Gman will now accept 'Gman can you change the map to gm_construct?' if < 2 players are on.

- [Backend]: I now have methods to easily reload E2s, all SENTs, select stools (mine), and even clientside code without reloading the server, this is a major stride. Little will now need reloads :D

2010 07 15:

- NIRC: Gman can now take a message. "Gman mail Neb Dude the server needs updating" will deliver the message via PM the next time that user logs on IRC. Name is case insensitive and need not be full.

- Namage: Added prop types, so metal is strong, wood is weak, and explosive barrels work.

2010 07 13:

- NADMOD: Added custom weapon loadouts, !default which resets weapons

- Namage no longer breaks Manhacks and other NPCS

- NebSupport3 got its first entity: The generator

- The SRCDS Backup script now automatically runs thrice a week and is uploaded to the FTP for safety.

2010 07 12:

- Namage Wrench: Primary functionality restored (leftclick heals, right click immune-toggles, alt for all)

- NADMOD: Added !maps gui selection menu, added concommand "!" which grants access to all cmds

- Restored the "Nebtown" E2's being fastDL'd, + some new spawnlists

- Began work on NebSupport3, the Spacebuild Replacement

- Gman now has a physical representation

2010 07 11:

- SimplePropProtection has been optimized again (like before the crash) to not use NetworkedVars (so much fewer 'Buffer Overflow in Net Message' errors!)

- Added !health, !armor, !unragdoll (though !ragdoll while ragdolled will still unragdoll you), !ungod

- Added Stargate and "Carter's Pack" of Stargate additions :| (StarGate Universe and other stuffs)

- Additional NIRC commands added, and added preloading of [GM]'ers as [---]Nebual

- Blueprinting out NebSupport3 (working title), my LS3/SB3 replacement mod

- Shortened Q-menu tools list, starting work on sorting the Materials list into admin-defined catagories

2010 07 03:

- Namage now works for all objects, clientside display too

- Ragdolls now gib explosively again :D

- Players now have health regain again.

- Throwing burning things underwater extinguishes them

- Flashlights resurrect people again + New Inventory System!

- Improved IP Address logger (Gman lookup) to include more relevent data

- Restored functionality of "Dave" bot.

- Added "SVN Checker" to server. On initial spawn, if a player is missing PHX, Wiremod, or SBMP, they will be prompted to download it with a choice of SVN or HTTP download links given.

2010 07 02:

- Added Namage beginnings

- Added 'gman lookup tarname' to lookup previous names used by an ip address

- Added !help chat commands listing (ingame only)

- Added !pm derma system (soon to include PMing IRCers :D)

2010 07:

- Invented NADMOD (Nebcorp Administration Designation Module [of Doom])

- Reinvented NIRC completely from scratch (as perfect as it ever was now :D)

2010 06 05:

- Added experimental NALS (Nebcorp Anti-Lag Seatbelt, or Neatbelt) to server. "bind [ NALS" in console to enable. Basically, it locks you to your position relative to the object you're standing on. Neatbelt while on a wing of a plane, and you're welded to the plane effectively. However, this madness occurs both server and clientside, so there is zero perceived lag. Great for: Being gunner on ships, going AFK on your ship, laglessly pressing ingame buttons.

- Added !maps or !maplist (changing map) chat commands. These display a Derma list of all maps the server has, sortable by name or #of times Nebtown has played it (to see favourites). 

- Improved the relevance of Gman's comments, and gave him more utility-messages (uptime)

2010 06 02:


- Lots of bugfixes today: NAPS has been completely offline since we removed SB3 apparently, working again.
- Weldgroups had a few problems concerning large contraptions and dupes not all being part of the same group (so it'd appear to 'work 80% but still need some few nocollides'), all fixed now.

- The SBEP Mechanical Lever (of awesome) is now fully dupable and free of all apparent bugs.

- The latest gmod update has done away with luaoverflows for good, server now frequently has 6h uptimes.
- This permits us to reinstate Stargate and Spacebuild3, effective immediately.

2010 05 03: - Right click with Weld tool now toggles between target being welded to the world or not, as superfreezing.

2010 04 10:

- Constraints broken entpairs can now be repaired by healing either ent, rather than just the 'broken' one.
- Significantly reduced player injuries caused by poor physics while riding on contraptions (painful 'grinding').

- Added a HUD to the Nolphin with occasional-use buttons (freeze, panic) and a realtime speedometer.

2010 04 07:

- Namage Daemons can now be adjusted from any part of the contraption (better sharing), and are dupable.

2010 04 05:


- Namage Constraints now function regardless of how the constraint was made (dupe paste, stacker), and their settings now persist across dupes, meaning damaging a pasted contraption, followed by repairing it, would actually fix the dreaded dupe-sag of 'sloppy welds'. Maybe I'll build that into advdupe...

- Namage Daemon system online. Set settings for a contraption once, and they'll auto reapply whenever new parts are added to the contraption. (eg Additional new walls become immune when welded to a fort)

2010 03 30:

- Hands now play chargeup sounds and factor in the user's momentum.
- Improved Namagestraints, repairing one section no longer will cause as much damage to others. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_POvRsqpZOk

2010 03 29:

- Adding a new constraints-breaking module to Namage, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8TcRHxFDW4
- Hands can now be charged up by holding fire. Send players up to 20 feet in a well aimed shot! <- Lies. I propelled someone 7000 garries. True story.

2010 03 23:

- Created an automatic server backup archiver which frequently saves small things (ALL Lua, most of /data, nearly all addons) and occasionally saves models/materials/advdupe/logs

- Added a GUI menu (I'm now playing with real derma :P) to the nebcorp_wrench's reload, still very WIP.

2010 02 27:


- Very temporarily disabled SB3 just for fun, lowering our clientside lua count from 645 -> 505 (which means about double that many serverside luas too :D). Enjoy the temporary luaoverflow immunity.

- Disabled E2's chatHide of chat that isn't the owner of the chip's. This is primarily to stop errent RP chips from muting the entire server.

- Added !default targetname, a Gmanage command that strips a player down to their default loadout.

- Added !namage 1/0/on/off for controlling namage, !namage just tells you the current status.

- Made most wire entities no-collide-all (right click of the stool) by default.

2010 02 16:

- Customary day 2 entire overhaul of yesterday's NAPS. Turns out it doesn't matter how frequently you run a script, simply using the correct hook can do wonders. Each player, just after they themselves 'update' (seems to be ping/serverload dependant :D) trigger this, whose use seems to allow much greater accuracy with unsticking. Tested script with 1500 ping and it still had no weird behavior. Jumping, noclipping is fine.

2010 02 15:


- Removed UClip, our old anti-world/non PP'd props noclipper (everyone can clip in world now)

- Created NAPS [Nebcorp Anti-PhysSlide system], which automatically unsticks you if you get stuck in the world or a prop. This has been designed to be work fast, and appears to be successful at preventing 'falling through the floor/walls' of fast moving ships 98% of the time.

- Made weaponless hands a default weapon loadout for all ranks.

2010 02 11:

- Wire Plugs majorly rewritten, now works really well with the gravgun (rope's stretchy :DD)

2010 02 09:

- Wire Plugs (in I/O) are now like RD2 resource pumps. They now come with a rope that extends/contracts when you Use them (also wire inputs). Made Wire sockets suck less.

2010 02 08:


- NIRC: More efficient. Players shouldn't get kicked for idling anymore. Gmanage's notices now display in IRC. Serverconsole command 'say' now deprecated for 'y', which uses NIRC.

2010 02 03:

- Added modified weaponless-hands swep.

2010 01 31:

- Made E:setScale(v) dupable :DDD, you don't even need to keep the E2! Also, I made SetScale(e,v) a function in lua, so the following luasool works: SetScale(this, Vector(2,2,2))

2010 01 27:

- Created an IRC server at (its the usual IP) port 27033, #Nebtown

- Added gm_luasockets.dll; enabling interesting internety stuff like:

- Synced SRCDS with the IRC server, enabling you to chat with players through IRC :D

2010 01 26:

CL-LUA: 665

- Changed some backend shit that should massively speed up and stabalize HDD interactions. (maybe: Fewer of the 'assertion failed' errors; faster model caching)

- Switched to new SBMP svn (I'm still skipping the entities and weapons though)

- Installed PlayX (its basically a suped up Youtube player)

- Installed Waterizer

2010 01 25:

- Made this changelog (???!)

- Ported Hats, Nukes, and SBMP Doors to a new single-multimodelled-entity system, turning 100 luas (66 of them clientside) -> 6 (3 clientside). They're now in the Nebcorp tab

2010 01 24:

- Chairs are now automatically exit-pointed to the location (local to the chair) you entered them from, complete with auto attempts to find a better exit location should that one fail.

This means No more getting stuck getting out of chairs :D

2010 01 23:

CL-LUA: 810

- Removed Stargate to reduce lua_overflows. Guys, its like 1/6th the entire server XD



Keep comments in the comments section, or at least down here and out of my pretty table >.>

Why do we need Stargate? Why DON'T we need Stargate? Thats not an answer, thats another question, which is just my question with two extra letters that change the meaning of one word into its antonym. Why do we need Stargate? But we really need Stargate, we're watching Stargate.



                    ..-'     _.--\\_//---.    `-..                     
                 ./'    ,--''     \_/     `---.   `\.                  
               ./ \ .,-'      _,,......__      `-. / \.                
             /`. ./\'    _,.--'':_:'"`:'`-..._    /\. .'\              
            /  .'`./   ,-':":._.:":._.:"+._.:`:.  \.'`.  `.            
          ,'  //    .-''"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'`.     \   \           
         /   ,'    /'":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.`.    `.  \          
        /   /    ,'`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_\     \  \         
       ,\\ ;     /_.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":\     ://,        
       / \\     /'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'\    // \.       
      |//_ \   ':._.:":._.+":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._\  / _\\ \      
     /___../  /_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"'. \..__ |      
      |  |    '":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.|    |  |      
      |  |    |-:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`|    |  |      
      |  |    |":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.+":._.:":._.|    |  |      
      |  :    |_:'"`:_:'"`:_+'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`|    ; |       
      |   \   \.:._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._|    /  |       
       \   :   \:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'.'   ;  |        
        \  :    \._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":,'    ;  /        
        `.  \    \..--:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`:_:'"`-../    /  /         
         `__.`.'' _..+'._.:":._.:":._.:":._.:":.`+._  `-,:__`          
      .-''    _ -' .'| _________________________ |`.`-.     `-.._      
_____'   _..-|| :.' .+/;;';`;`;;:`)+(':;;';',`\;\|. `,'|`-.      `_____
      .-'   .'.'  :- ,'/,',','/ /./|\.\ \`,`,-,`.`. : `||-.`-._        
          .' ||.-' ,','/,' / / / + : + \ \ \ `,\ \ `.`-||  `.  `-.     
       .-'   |'  _','<', ,' / / // | \\ \ \ `, ,`.`. `. `.   `-.       
                                   :              - `. `.              


Comments (13)

Katlatze said

at 3:51 pm on Jan 25, 2010

"Chairs are now automatically exit-pointed to the location (local to the chair) you entered them from, complete with auto attempts to find a better exit location should that one fail."


Knightmare said

at 4:43 pm on Jan 25, 2010


Vallery said

at 7:23 pm on Jan 25, 2010

Guys, stargate!

Katlatze said

at 8:41 am on Feb 16, 2010

Neb that's great, gotta try that out tonight :DDD So glad to hear it works :D

Knightmare said

at 2:01 pm on Feb 16, 2010

Neb, I want you to have my children.

Paindood said

at 10:12 pm on Feb 16, 2010

Cool now I won't walk and fall through the ground before I've started walking

Kristler said

at 7:03 am on Mar 30, 2010


Kristler said

at 7:08 am on Mar 31, 2010


NEON725 said

at 9:27 am on Apr 11, 2010

What's up with the ridiculous pusher effect in the hands tool? Can you at least only make it trigger for a certain animation so I can hook into one of the others?

Katlatze said

at 11:32 am on Jul 31, 2010

> last edited by Nebual 6 hrs ago
> It is 11:32 AM


Kristler said

at 9:40 am on Aug 4, 2010



Katlatze said

at 12:24 pm on Aug 4, 2010

Yeah I check the Wiki RSS every day and always read this :D

Paindood said

at 3:07 am on Aug 5, 2010

There's an RSS? But yeah I read this when it updates.

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